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Nail Art of the year goes to this!


Nail Art of the year goes to this!

GET TO KNOW ME MEMEFavorite movies [5/5] → Now You See Me.

       The closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see.

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"Hey, let’s play a game. It’s called ‘See Who Can Be Quiet the Longest’."

"Cool! My mom loves that game!"

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"You know, this may sound crazy, but I’m gonna miss that Slap Bet."
"No, you won’t."
"No, you’re right. I won’t."

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You see kids,right from the moment I met your mom I knew..I have to love this woman as much as I can,for as long as I can andI can never stop loving her, not even for a second.

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♪ Everybody come and play
Throw every last care away
Let’s go to the mall, today ♪

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TV season 2013-2014 Characters’ deaths: Tracy McConnell

"They had mentioned to me the twist about the mother in the first season, and I kind of put it out of my head. I didn’t know if they would actually want to come back to it and do that, especially after Cristinbecause she was so wonderful and the fans seemed to really take to her. So I asked them “Are you guys still doing that?” And they said yeah”Josh Radnor